Junior Hockey

Ages 6 – 14

We have entered a boys and a girls team into the Northers Blues Primary League.  All u11 – u13 club members will be eligible to play in this league.  You have to be a registered club member to participate in the league.

League games are full field 11 v 11 games.  

Please note that you  ARE NOT obliged to participate in the Northerns Primary League but, as a club member, you can take the opportunity if you choose to.  Otherwise you’ll be more than satisfied with the skills sessions alone!

Our Blu Bubbles program is designed for ages 6-10.  It is where our players begin.

We do have 11 year old’s join the Blu Bubbles group if the coach, parent and player see it as the right fit. Likewise, some players may be better suited to an older age group.

If you would like to test the waters, our suggestion would be to book a private session and get a feel for the place.